Yacht Club


Monday through Thursday: CLOSED  
Friday - Sunday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Enjoy paddle boats, kayaks and canoes at the Estrella Yacht Club!

If you would like a lesson on how to use any of the equipment that is available, please call (480) 493-9166, or by stop by the Yacht Club during hours of operation.

Bring: Water to drink, hats and sunscreen.

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Resident Cards / Guest Passes

Estrella Residents

Please bring your resident card to check-in at the Yacht Club. Guests are required to check in with you at Starpointe Residents Club prior to your Yacht Club visit, where they will receive a guest pass for the day. A guest fee of $5 per person will apply. Only residents 21 and older may "host" guests at Estrella.

CantaMia Residents

Please bring your CantaMia Resident identification with you to the Yacht Club. If you have a guest(s) who would also like to use Yacht Club amenities, you are required to visit Starpointe OR Presidio Residents Clubs prior to visiting the Yacht Club to pay the guest fee of $5 per guest. Only residents 21 and older may "host" guests at Estrella.

Enjoy your day at Estrella Yacht Club, we hope you have a wonderful time!