Can I Pay Assessments at the Community Services Office?

Due to COVID precautions, we are not accepting payments at this time. 

In February, the Community Services Office converted its property management system to an enterprise called VMS. As quarterly billing statements begin to arrive in mailboxes, you may notice some differences to your statement. The most notable change is your account number- you will see that it has changed. Please begin to use this account number with your payment.   

Also, the vocabulary for the assessments is different. Please note that the "quarterly assessment" that was on your previous statements is now referred to as the "master assessment." If you live in a gated neighborhood, your "neighborhood assessment" is your "gated community assessment."   

To make an online payment through Union Bank, or to set up recurring payments, please click on the links below.



If your assessment payments are set up through your private banking institution, you will need to change your account number and the PO Box number in the mailing address. The new mailing address for all Association payments is: PO Box 533182, Atlanta, GA 30353-3182

For information on all payment options, please visit 

If you have questions about the process for paying your assessments, please contact the Community Services Office Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 623-386-1112.

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