Who is Responsible For the Landscape Maintenance in Estrella?

The Estrella community is a large geographic area with varying landscape managers.

The Estrella Facilities Team Maintains:

1. Five feet beyond all common area walls

2. Landscaped area from common area wall to sidewalk

3. Landscaped area within parcels from sidewalk to street (i.e. street scape)

4. Landscaped medians within parcels (i.e. neighborhoods)

5. All non-homeowner land within gated parcels including gates, streets and sidewalks

6. Parcel Monument Signage

7. Parks/Playgrounds (i.e. Tot Lots)

8. Ramadas

9. Retention Basins

10. Star Tower

11. Starpointe, Presidio, Amphitheater, North & South Lakes

The City of Goodyear Maintains:

  1. Cotton Lane/Estrella Parkway round-a-bout
  2. Landscaped areas along arterial streets from the curb to the sidewalk (arterial streets are major streets like San Gabriel, San Miguel, Estrella Parkway, Calistoga Drive, Elliot Road and Willis Road)
  3. Landscaped medians along arterial streets

The Developer Maintains:

Welcome Center dirt lot
Unincorporated parcels

Maricopa County Maintains:

  1. Estrella Regional Park
  2. Other


  1. Commercial property (corner of Estrella and Elliot; Elliot Market and Safeway)
    1. Managed by Kitchell Corporation, (602) 264-4411; Christen, Administration D.L. 602.631.6114
  2. Estrella Mountain Church
    1. Ann Knister, Office Administrator, (623) 386-0300; www.emcaz.org
  3. Fire Station #182, Estrella
    1. 10701 S. 175 Dr. – Goodyear, AZ 85338,
  4. Arizona Diamondback Devotion Field
  5. School District Property
    1. Juan Ceja, Deputy Superintendent, Liberty School District; jceja@liberty.k12.az.us
  6. State Trust Land (Preserves)

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