How Do I Learn More About Community News and Happenings?

To learn more about the latest notices, closures, holiday hours of operation, and community events, you may connect in the following ways:

1. Twice Weekly Newsletters. Tuesday's newsletter focuses on association news and events, Friday's newsletter highlights community operations and projects.

2. Browse this website to learn more about the community (new info is added regularly).

3. Follow us on Instagram at "Life In Estrella."

4. Follow us on the official "Life In Estrella" Facebook Page.

5. The monthly Life In Estrella magazine is full of information about the community and its residents, facilities and compliance updates, and upcoming events. If you have an idea for a story, are interested in writing an article for the publication, or have images you would like to share, please contact Communications Manager Karen Angelo at

6. Visit the Developer's website at

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3. How Do I Learn More About Community News and Happenings?
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