What are guest passes and how do they work?

Estrella residents with an active membership have an all-access pass to use the community amenities.  However, non-residents cannot utilize the amenities without a valid guest pass.  

For 2023, each household has 10 free guest passes available. Each guest pass is available for one non-resident guest per day.  Additional guest passes can be purchased by visiting the front desks of Starpointe or Presidio Residents Clubs.  Guest passes are $5 per guest per day.  

All non-residents wishing to use the Residents Clubs or Yacht Club need to be registered as guests by an Estrella resident at the front desk of either the Starpointe or Presidio Residents Clubs.  Residents need to accompany their guests when registering them as a guest.  For use of the Yacht Club, guests must first be registered at Starpointe or Presidio and sign the Indemnification Form and pay guest fee (or use free pass if authorized by the owner.) 

Friendly Reminders:  Once a guest is registered, they are free to use the amenities at their leisure and without accompaniment of the homeowner.  Homeowners are responsible and liable for all acts of their guests.  Free guest passes are not transferrable to other residents.

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1. What are guest passes and how do they work?